Welcome to Tony's Site

So, I put up this website mainly to display the many photographs I've been taking lately on my scuba trips to various parts of the world. And if I manage to take any interesting pictures of other things or think of anything else, I'll post them as well.

What's New:

3/16/19: Escaped the Colorado winter last month by spending two weeks in French Polynesia, mostly diving. Here's a page with some underwater photos and some taken topside.

12/4/2018: Been a while since I had been diving, so I headed down to Belize over Thanksgiving. There are a few aerial shots, but mostly underwater photos.

2/9/2018: Wanted to escape Colorado for a while, so I went on a two week road trip through the southwest, visiting Phoenix, Palm springs, LA and St. George. Here are a few pictures from a wonderful vacation.